When should I salute?

Saluting (bowing) is the traditional Taekwondo method of showing respect. It is done by placing both feet together and with your hands by your side, bow your head and bend from the waist 45 degrees.

Saluting protocols:

  1. All students must salute their Master at all times.
  2. Every student, regardless of rank must salute each time they enter and leave the Dojang.
  3. All Colour belts must salute black belts.
  4. Lower Dans must salute higher Dans.
  5. When a senior level black belt (4th Dan and higher) enters the Dojang, the highest ranking student in the class (if less than 4th Dan) shall call the class to attention and salute.
  6. All students shall address black belts in the proper manner: Yes / No Sir, Miss, Ma’am or Master.
  7. When approached by a black belt, asked a question or given instruction, the student must salute and address the black belt appropriately.
  8. When asking a question, the student must salute, ask question, and then salute when the answer is given.
  9. When attending Taekwondo related functions (tournaments, seminars, training camps, etc) students shall salute all Masters, coaches, officials and high ranking people regardless of club affiliation.
  10. Students may salute each other regardless of rank as a demonstration of respect.

Five Tenets of Taekwondo

Enduring respect for and consideration of self and others.
Politeness. Humility.

Steadfast adherence to a strict moral and ethical code.
Honesty. Loyalty.

To persist in an endeavour or undertaking in spite of counter-influences, opposition or discouragement. Dedication.

The ability of a person to exert their will over the inhibitions, impulses, emotions or desires of their body or self. Patience. Discipline.

Having the right attitude and maintaining inner strength regardless of winning or losing. Not allowing one’s principles to be broken, defeated, or conquered. Bravery. Courage.